Standing in the Gap, Not Shouting from the Fringes: Nonviolent Conversation and the Ministry of Reconciliation

If our desire is simply to engage in an awareness campaign to bring the eyes and ears of the nation and world to the problems that plague communities of color then our rhetoric can be as bombastic and heavy-handed as necessary. However, if our desire is to engage in the work of reconciliation - of building new communities from the ground of transformed relationships - we must stand in the precarious gap between communities in conflict and to point towards the reality of the Kingdom of God which radically reforms human relationship.

Coffeehouse Musings: Elliot Rodger, the Insidious Curse of Privilege, and the Power of Truth

Let's be clear: male privilege and patriarchy are as pervasive as the air we breathe and much like that air, it is often invisible (unless you live in Los Angeles). Male privilege is why a man is a "boss" and a woman is a "bitch." Its why a bunch of men can usurp women's vaginas as community property, bloviating about what they think should be the reproductive rights of women.