What slow brewing coffee taught me about Faith

These days my kitchen counter has become my altar. The chalice? A glass coffee maker. The wine? Water just off the boil. I always pour deliberately, slowly, and with intention because, before the busyness of my day, this task is an altar upon which may descend the fire of God’s grace. The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans brewing is my prayer, set forth as incense, ascending to the throne room of God.

How do I pray when #ICantBreathe?: Theology in the Shadow of Mike Brown and Eric Garner

How are people of faith called to engage faith in the wake of an outbreak of state-sanctioned executions of Black and Brown people? I've struggled with this answer. I have struggled with people asking for the protesters and demonstrators to remain "peaceful" while not placing an equal burden on a system to provide the justice that makes peace possible in the first place. I have struggled with what it means to have a prophetic voice in a faith community who represent a different narrative than my own. I have struggled in my own devotional life with "how do I pray when I can't breathe?"